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1. Who is CauseForce, and why did you hire them? What do they offer that cannot be organized by Baycrest?

CauseForce is an event management company that has been hired to help execute and grow the event for 2015. After receiving feedback from our players and captains that the event needs to be refreshed, Baycrest sought out CauseForce because of their extensive experience in planning and growing national peer-to-peer fundraisers just like the Pro-Am.

2. Why was this change made, and who made the decision?

After the 2014 event, many of our players told us that while they loved playing in the Pro-Am, after nine years they felt it was beginning to get tired. We listened to this feedback and consulted many of our stakeholders including the Baycrest Foundation Board, the Pro-Am steering committee, our sponsors, long-time players, NHL alumni and vendors. And we made some changes.

3. Will Baycrest receive all donations or does CauseForce get a percentage?

100% of the donations will continue to come to Baycrest, as they always have. Like other vendors we have used in the past, CauseForce is a service provider that helps the event run smoothly, while increasing fundraising totals through advertising, acquisition of new players and bolstering existing players to increase their fundraising totals through encouragement and incentive.

4. What will happen with the Pro-Am team at Baycrest? Will people lose their jobs?

The team that manages the Pro-Am at Baycrest is a group of talented and dedicated event planners whose skills are 100% transferable to other events. As the entire events department grows and begins to plan new initiatives, there will be plenty of events on which they will work. We are thrilled to be able to apply their experience to new and exciting initiatives in the coming months.

5. How will this change my experience?

It will only make it better! We have hired a company that has a proven track record in elevating events to increase participant experience, and ensure that you remain Pro-Am players for the next decade! The event as you know it will remain largely the same, with some exciting enhancements that will be added along the way.